Celebrating with Family Fun and Activities

The Arvada Festivals Commission was established by the Arvada City Council in 2000 with a membership of fifteen community volunteers.

The mission of the Arvada Festivals Commission is to create, plan, coordinate and present events that celebrate Arvada as a community. Festivals Commission events are diverse, family-oriented and multi-generational. Many of these events are partnerships with community-based, non-profit organizations and leverage the Commission’s efforts to produce community events.

The City of Arvada’s Festivals Commission produces six festivals each year! Family fun and free activities are the hallmarks of these events. Participants fly kites, celebrate American’s Independence, eat some great BBQ and drink different ales, pales, and more. These events sow the seeds of fun and reap the bounty of exuberant participation with all who join in the celebrations!

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Arvada Festivals Commission

8101 Ralston Road, Arvada, CO 80002

(720) 898-7403